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G System

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About the G System
The G System Framework
The G System is a framework for creating huge simulations, virtual realities, massive multiplayer online games and scientific experiments.
The G System uses a revolutionary, highly effective and flexible concept for internal world content representation which brings new dimensions to virtual reality design. The network design allows a widely distributed and flexible server infrastructure, making it possible to build virtual universes that are distributed throughout the entire internet.

The G System 0.6.0 is released, get it here and now!

The G Universe
The G Universe is a huge, massive multiuser, evolving virtual reality, based on the G System framework.
The G Universe models life itself into a virtual system that can be experienced by everyone. The whole world is naturally evolving and highly influencable by the users. The users themselves are part of the huge, dynamic universe, which is not limited to a small district, but provides whole planets and solar systems, ready to be explored. You can join the G Universe as well.

Find out more!
The Server Status Page lists all available G Universe servers as well as the status of each.

Recent Updates
Revision 1002 - Wed Oct 10 10:01:15 CEST 2007
Fix and optimize getting of touching screen areas.
Fix input translation of Umlaut a character (use 0xe4 instead of 0xe6).
Subscribe set Screen Area even if no owner is known (uses master by default).
Add possibility to go to (focus) the user element with Home key. Screen Area created on demand.

Make sure that element agents are loaded from master when force is 1 even if the element is unknown.

Some of the above fixes ensure that setting a screen area with an unknown element
loads the element from the master GWE server.

Revision 1001 - Sun Sep 30 19:41:34 CEST 2007
Use slot helpers for slot rendering, too.
When building rendering area array, only add dirty areas.
When setting a screen area and an area with the same ID already exists, remove it first.

Revision 1000 - Sun Sep 30 19:14:56 CEST 2007
Fixes to revision 999.
There were hardly any bugs considering the magnitude of changes, remarkable.

The previous commit is now tested to a large extend, it should essentially work for
single server, multi clients environments with all responsibility on the server.

Besides: revision 999 fixed proper unsubscribing in GWE when a connection goes down.

Fixes from 999 to 1000:

Do not return from ensure relations presence in GWE if no server is given, use master by default.
Fix notification message building for reconnected elements.

Use slot helpers for input processing where appliceable. This got removed in 999, by accident.
Focus on area when turning a list into an element screen area.

To be done in the future:
Properly redo border on element relation changes. On single server systems this is not needed.
Use slot helpers for slot rendering (... this might be broken right now, by accident).

Revision 999 - Wed Sep 26 18:15:42 CEST 2007
This commit is possibly broken, it's not tested and introduces major changes.

With this commit complete network transparent use of elements in the GCE should be possible.

Add additional GWE to GWE communication message wrapper methods, improve existing.
Use master GWE server as default in most of them unless explicit GWE server given.
Make reparent message processing identify element deletions if new parent is undef.
For subscribed elements, related element will also be sent to ensure proper relations status.


Architecture change:
Decoupling of rendering and input processing with agents.
Agents are not responsible anymore for any rendering or direct user interaction.
This is important to allow flexible GCE implementations (GUIs, literally).
Interaction is achieved through actions and the GWE to GWE server protocol.

Introduction of Container screen area.
A container can contain a list of elements, used for connected and children lists.
Navigating to connected and/or children of an element now produces a container area.
A container can be turned into an element screen area of the selected element.

Usage of secondary (remote) element synchronization methods from world (GWE) to ensure
all elements used in the GCE/GUI are also available and subscribed, including relations.
They are unsubscribed when the respective areas are deleted.

Remeber that these changes have not yet been (fully) tested.

Revision 998 - Mon Aug 27 11:47:15 CEST 2007
Extract clearDatabase in GStorage.
Introduce clearServerSubscriptions() in GStorage which is called on client disconnect(!).
Fix ensureElementAgentsPresence - wrong agent variable name in eval statement.
Use subscriptions in GCE for all elements in use.

With this commit, fundamental single server, multiple clients setups should basically work.


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Release G System 0.6.0 released posted by raphael
Today, the G System 0.6.0 has been released together with the X3DToolKit 1.1.

Read the full announcement...
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Release G System 0.6.0 BETA available posted by raphael
The G System 0.6.0 BETA is now available for testing. We welcome people to
help weeding out any last-minute issues, to make sure the final release does
not contain nasty bugs. Please use the guniverseclient to connect to the Server.
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General Vision for the G Universe posted by raphael
Now that the G System becomes more and more stable, the G Universe project begins to enroll on the foundations of the G System.

Raphael has recently prepared a vision paper that outlines many ideas and goals - the G Vision. It can be found at
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Development Release Testing posted by raphael
Soon the 0.6.0 version of the G System will be released after a year of development since version 0.5. A number of significant improvements were made like porting from Qt3 to Qt4, adding support for 3D models (X3D) and many architectural improvements like the Action and Information interfaces als well as many small things all over the place...
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General G System at the Linuxwochen posted by raphael
The G System will be presented at the Linuxwochen, Austria. Dates are 2nd June, in Vienna, and 16th June, in Linz. Please look at for more information and exact schedules.
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