Chapter 3. Project and Feature Plan, Raodmap

Table of Contents

G Core System (GCS)
G World Engine (GWE)
G Client Engine (GCE)
G Basic Elements (GBE)
G Universe: The universe created with the G System
TODO list
To be done during 0.6 release cycle
General things to be done, HIGH PRIORITY
Other general things to be done
Source Code


Further releases are planned with focus on the following features:

Features for G System 0.6.0

  • Targeted release date: 2006

  • Already implemented

    • Improved rendering capabilities for complex forms (done, uses X3D)

    • Migrating from KDE/Qt 3 to KDE/Qt 4 (done, KDE dependency temporarily removed)

    • Further client improvements for improved interaction (action interface)

    • Information Interface

    • Action Interface

    • Standalone Network implementation

  • Still to be done for 0.6.0

    • Testing

    • Some minor beautifications

    • Live CD

    • Packaging

  • Planned features for 0.6.1

    • Persistent world content and user elements

    • Next step network capabilities (hierarchical servers)

  • Planned features for 0.6.2

    • Agent Plugin Architecture for the GWE

    • Rendering Plugin Architecture for the GCE

    • Scriptable Agents with Ruby and/or SPL or Kross

  • Planned features for 0.7

    • Webinterface

    • Infrastructure for automated downloading and installing of patches

    • Infrastructure for automated distribution of agent and rendering plugins (both Qt-native and scripts)

    • Physics Agent

    • Proper User management (registration, accounts, passwords)

    • Realistic world content for G Universe (solar systems, planets, landscapes, ...)

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