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This book collects the philosophical musings of diverse contributors on the theme of evolution. The way this project is implemented, particularly the actual simulation, will make statements and assumptions about how evolution works. It is important for contributors and interested parties to be able to understand and challenge these. As this project is for both scientific and amusement purposes, this book is also an end in itself.

Table of Contents

Scientific Religion
1. Beyond Science
A crash course in evolution according to Raphael
1. Evolution in depth - a technical perspective
2. Evolution - The process.
The Role Of Computer Simulation in the Evolution of Language Debate
1. Introduction
2. Simulation and Complex Systems
What is a computational model?
What can computer models offer EOL research?
What phenomena have been modelled in the EOL field?
Tendencies - from genes to ants
3. Conclusions
Cooperation and Competition and the nature of the Evolution of Language Debate
1. Introduction
2. Section 1
3. Section 2
4. Section 3
5. Conclusion

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