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G System

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The source code releases are availiable here. You will find documentation in the doc section.

After downloading, please have a look at the installation instructions.

G System 0.6 releases

- Get Qt4 from Trolltech if you don't have it installed yet.
- Get the X3DToolKit 1.1 source code.
- Get the G System 0.6.0 source code.

No binary packages are available for the G System 0.6.0 release yet.
Please take a look at the installation instructions after downloading the files.

Old stable release (0.5.1)

Please note that this release is long outdated and it is recommended to use 0.6.0 or svn trunk.
- G-System-0.5.1.tar.bz2
- Official patches for the G-System-0.5.1 release
- The FreeBSD port is in science/gsystem, make sure your ports collection is up to date (currently 0.5.1 release).

Make sure you install an SQL database plugin for Qt. Recommended are SQLite and PostgreSQL.

You can also check out the current development source code from our subversion repository:
svn co svn://
You need to have subversion installed for this. The subversion handbook is available here.

You can find the X3DToolKit here.

Send us your comments on the mailing lists.

If you like what we do, please also visit and vote the G System.